Our Mission, Vision and Values


Ensuring our customers top-quality products, timely deliveries and technical support while introducing new products on the market.


Achieving position of the leading supplier of coated materials in Europe.

Values of the Company

To run business with fairness, taking care of both our customers and our business partners

To provide reliable information to our shareholders, offices, customers and employees

To treat employees fairly

To fulfil our obligations towards our shareholders, creditors, offices, customers and employees in a timely manner

To show respect and tolerance to our partners and colleagues

To provide our customers with top-quality products

To ensure our shareholders a reasonable profit

To make the growth of actual salary conditional upon the growth of the goodwill

To support local communities and charity initiatives

To encourage and motivate the employees to take care of the customer, show initiative and increase productivity

To create an opportunity for the employees enabling them to develop their professional qualifications and to achieve their personal goals