Electronic Dispensers

Semi-automatic Dyspensers

Paper tape moistener

Tape Dispensers

Our tape dispensers are designed for the efficient application of water-activated tapes. We offer three distinct types of dispensers, providing customers the flexibility to tailor tape length, moisture level, and adhesive strength according to their specific requirements:

• Electronic – the pinnacle of tape dispensing technology, enabling programmable functionalities.

• Semi-automatic

• Paper tape moistener

These dispensers not only simplify and automate the tasks of warehouse personnel and logistics companies but also ensure user-friendly operation, contributing to a standardized and streamlined packaging process.

Application and selection of Dispenser

The tape dispensers supplied by Dolpap are made of the best materials, which are durable and will serve their purpose for years. Dispensers are made of a blade that will easily cut the necessary length of tape. The tape is placed on the ring and its beginning is unwound and pulled through the hole above the blade. The whole process is very simple and intuitive.

Dispensers definitely make work easier in all places where there are a large number of boxes to seal, including: in warehouses, production halls, offices and post offices. The packing tape dispenser is a simple and convenient device. It makes tedious work easier and ensures its accuracy. Just place the tape on the cardboard and then press it against the surface with your hand.

Before purchasing a dispenser, you need to consider which size will be the most suitable. These devices can accommodate tapes of various widths, diameters and lengths. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our assortment.

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