Paper tapes

Przykład folii silikonowanej w różnych wersjach kolorystycznych i rozmiarah.
Paper type



Plant-based adhesive

Paper grammage

82 gsm

92 gsm


Reels (width 15 mm - 1000 mm)

Standard widths: 50 mm, 60 mm, 70 mm



Taśmy papierowe
Taśmy papierowe

Water - Activated Tapes

Water-activated tapes are a type of adhesive-coated tapes that, upon contact with water, develop adhesive properties, allowing for seamless bonding to surfaces. The activation process is swift, facilitating trouble-free adhesion to the product. Once activated, these tapes retain water resistance, ensuring the maintenance of their properties even in humid conditions. The product exhibits durability against stretching. Our range includes several types of tapes with varying grammage and width options.

100% Eco-Friendly Paper Tapes

Our tape manufacturing is grounded in the use of eco-conscious materials. We fabricate our products from biodegradable resources, minimizing ecological impact. Employing starch-based adhesive technology, our tapes gain robust bonding properties upon moisture exposure.

The merits of water-activated, gummed tapes are extensive, particularly in sealing cardboard, including recycled varieties. Their durability ensures a robust and enduring seal, capable of withstanding challenging transport conditions. Reinforced for reliability across diverse environments, this gummed tape stands as a cost-effective packaging solution, addressing the needs of industries such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, paper, printing, electronics, shipping, and distribution centers.

These tapes find application in the production of bundling and securing tapes, including those used on cartons. The water-activated feature ensures heightened integrity compared to alternative sealing methods, leaving a lasting trace in case of tampering attempts, providing an effective security seal.

Taśmy papierowe

Parameters of paper tapes

Base paper Grammage
White Brown
Kraft 82 - 92 15 - 1000

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