Renewable energy sources

In concern for sustainable development, we have started investments in renewable energy sources. Thanks to such a solution, we’ve contributed our part to building an ecological reality that offers a chance for a better future.

The photovoltaic installation not only contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases but also generates energy savings. Transitioning to energy from natural resources in a broader perspective leads to the reduction of the progressing greenhouse effect and climate change.

Photovoltaics is a low-emission technology, meaning its use does not generate carbon dioxide and other harmful substances, directly translating into better air quality.

Photovoltaic panels have a significantly longer lifespan than traditional energy sources, which means a reduction in waste and lower demand for natural resources.

When using renewable energy sources, their production takes place at the point of consumption, which reduces the need for energy transportation and aligns with the goal of an efficient and environmentally friendly system.

As a company for which sustainable development is a key aspect, we have implemented a heating pump. The implementation of such a solution has allowed us to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, significantly reducing pollution emissions and enabling us to achieve greater energy efficiency.

The heat pump is a reliable heating device that allows us to take care of the environment, and in combination with our company’s photovoltaic system, it enables us to minimize CO2 emissions because it can be powered by it. Furthermore, the pump can operate reliably for several decades, and thanks to its long lifespan, it reduces waste.

Heat pumps are the safest method of heating. With their use, there is no risk of explosion or carbon monoxide poisoning.

EKO Bussiness

Since 2021, the Dolpap company has been purchasing electricity under the EKO BIZNES Tauron product.

The electricity sold as part of the project participates in the system of guarantees of origin for renewable energy and mainly comes from natural sources, primarily hydroelectric power plants.

Thanks to participation in Tauron’s initiative, the products offered by us are produced based on environmentally friendly energy, which is crucial for many customers
and business partners focused on sustainable development.

100% ECO - friendly Tape

In our offer, we have a completely ecological, fully biodegradable product, which is water-activated tape. Employing plant-based adhesive technology, our tapes gain robust bonding properties upon moisture exposure.

Water-activated tape, is highly effective for sealing cardboard boxes and packages, creating strong and durable seals that withstand the rigors of transportation. The tape typically works well with recycled cardboard boxes. It ensures the protection and security of packages due to leaving a permanent trace upon attempted tampering.

The tape can have a reinforced construction ensuring reliable performance in various environments. Water-activated paper tape is an economical packing tape that meets the needs of many industries and general industrial applications, such as food, beverages, medical pharmaceuticals, paper, printing, electronics, shipping, and distribution centers.

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